Why Thanksgiving Eve is Now America’s Biggest Party Night

 by Crystal Chan-Long


Traditions are a crucial part of many people’s lives in this great nation of ours, and these traditions are carried out mostly around the holidays—a time for general merriment, love, and the gathering of families (yes, even that crazy drunk uncle). And while everyone observes different holidays, there is one that is celebrated by everyone regardless of their religious beliefs: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving marks the official start of the holiday season, and people sure are celebrating it. Thanksgiving Eve is now the biggest party night in America. Move over NYE, make room for Blackout Wednesday.


Historically, New Years Eve is the biggest party night in the US of A, so why has Drinksgiving replaced it as the biggest drinking night of the year? Here are a few reasons why:


A big ole’ reunion

Thanksgiving is the time when your old high school buddies come back home for the holidays, so of course some catching up needs to be done. Many will take this time to relive those wild high school parties or seize the moment to party it up now that you are all of legal drinking age—even if you have to take your high school best friend’s little brother and all of his cousins along. Hey, the more the merrier right?


ALMOST everybody has the next day off

What better time to drink your face off with your buddies than when nobody has to work the next day? Thanksgiving is a true American holiday; no cultural or religious overtones. And if you are in America, you are celebrating Thanksgiving. (Unless you are in certain industries, in which case, sorry. We can bring you a slice of pie or something.)      


The last chance to party...

...before spending a whole long weekend with your entire family. Now, let’s be honest: a whole four days with family can get a little stressful, even if your family is the Brady Bunch or the Huxtables. Being back in your old bedroom, getting tormented by your big brother (no matter how much taller than him you are now), and constantly avoiding the dreaded question of “Are you dating anyone?” at family dinners. Things like these can drive anyone bonkers. So take this night to get plastered with your friends before all the family craziness starts.


Thanksgiving dinner is the ultimate hangover cure

Probably my favorite reason! Thanksgiving dinner is undoubtly the best cure for a nasty hangover. Gorging on copious amount of foods full of fat and starches, like mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, will take care of that hangover in no time. And with dinner starting so early, that huge plate of turkey with stuffing you just had will drift you off to a nice little “after dinner” nap. 




Crystal Chan-Long is a lifestyle journalist currently residing in New York City. She is a passionate foodie and enjoys traveling, exploring different restaurants and bars along the way. She also loves writing for lifestyle media outlets. Her work has appeared in Time Out Hong Kong, Spirito diVino Asia magazine, and elsewhere. Connect with her on Twitter @ClassyCCL