Where to Take Your Tinder

It’s finally happened, you’re not eager to join your friends as they hop from the hot happy hour spot to the next. Going off the beaten path here, you’ve got yourself a date. Hell yeah, you heard me, this intern has got a date. Why is this date different from all others you ask? Well, it’s the guy you contemplated swiping right on for like an hour anticipating if there would be any sort of outcome. This happy hour get together, a mixture of fun, casual, cool, and memorable could happen in a number of ways at a number of places. After going on 5 dates in 5 days, here’s what I learned about great places to go and what to expect while taking your tinder out on the town for an evening of fun.


The Jeffrey

On the first date there’s obviously going to be jitters and nerves about meeting a new person completely. This prime happy hour spot offers craft beer, cocktails, and even espresso in its two side by side dual storefronts. Located under the Queensboro Bridge on East 60th Street, you can either enjoy your Tinder date in the morning with coffee or afternoons seated at the bar in the midst of conversation and good company. This craft beer and cocktail destination offers its guests a diverse menu of over 30 custom beers and local brews served with the most care and precision. Whether you sit inside by the bar or outside in the beer garden, this is a great place to take your Tinder for a great beer and fun time. We ended up having a great time and trying some really funky beer while getting to know each other, and I’d 100% go out with him again.


Salvation Taco

The second date was definitely a bit easier because I knew what to expect when meeting a new person. If anything he was much more shy than I was- which was actually kind of cute. Honestly, I love food, so for me nothing says “good date night” like a good taco. At this colorful and vibrant date spot you get great food, awesome drinks, and a stellar rooftop view of New York. On my summer night date at Salvation Taco, the evening was spent under the summer starry sky talking about ourselves, loving the $3 tacos that come stuffed with roasted cauliflower and curried cream, and skirt steak. With a memorable view of both the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, and an American Firing Squad in hand (applejack, rye whiskey, mulled wine grenadine, chamomile, amargo-vallet and fresh orange and lemon juice) this is a date night for the books. He was a cute, future Wall Street guy with a pending dad-bod, but we had a great time, a lot of good laughs, and possibly one too many tacos.


The Kimberly Hotel

So I’m 21 and really enjoy going to places that serve alcohol in all different ways, from hipster to straight-up outrageous. When a guy who’s a bit older recommends a place to meet I leave you with two small pieces of advice. First, look up the freakin’ place so you don’t go into the night completely blind. Second (this hasn’t happened to me yet), I’ve heard horror stories of the guy actually being 18 and not 24 like his bio says- so do a little research about your date if you’re unsure about the situation. However this did not stop me from going on this date and spending the evening outdoors. Seriously, why not enjoy summer and the outdoors while still thriving in the city? Rooftops are the best way to get the city vibe while being outside at the same time. Enjoy your evening like I did with stunning panoramic views of midtown Manhattan while sipping on a Pear Samba cocktail, sweet pear puree and Leblon cachaca with Hagar1 Spiced Pear Vodka, getting to know your Tinder date of the evening.


Hotel Chantelle

Alright, I say this for any guy who wants to make his Tinderella his girlfriend… GO TO THE ROOFTOP OF HOTEL CHANTELLE. Your pants will be charmed right off by this wooing location. We started our night early by getting there while the sun was still shining and the sangria was still fresh. I was so happy to end my work week sipping a fresh fruity, alcohol-based drink. Honestly I’m not one for PDA, but the ambiance made me feel like I knew this Tinder forever. The night was spent rotating between sangria and rosé with a smile on my face, and later moving to the hotel’s basement dance club where we danced the night away.


Maison Premiere

Okay, so, prior to this date I’d really never eaten an oyster, but here’s a little fun fact- oysters are an aphrodisiac. If your date recommends this place, he’s obviously got a little “Fifty Shades of Grey” going on, but, hey, there really isn’t anything wrong with that. This gorgeous, well groomed, smart, and sophisticated young man- yeah, it was that nice that I’m pulling the young man card here- charmed me like no other date I’ve ever been on. Not only was I being adventurous with food, but I was also casually sipping on some good ol’ absinthe as my date joked about my face at the first taste of the truly unknown but daring liquid. I highly recommend sitting on the outdoor patio as you gaze into each other’s eyes romantically, probably because you’re hallucinating from the absinthe cocktail in your right hand, but also because you’re really enjoying the company and the oysters shucked at a dollar a piece.

After a week of dating various types of men in the New York area, I surprisingly only have four pieces of advice-

  1. Go to a very public place in case you need to escape. However, if that is the case, why did you say yes to the date in the first place? Common sense, people.

  2. Don’t say you have a type of guy that you specifically like; if you can’t commit to one type of chocolate how can you let yourself only like certain types of guys?

  3. Use Tinder, you get to go to so many fun and adventurous places in the city that make for great stories

  4. USE TINDER. Simple as that. It’s a great way to meet people and reconnect with old friends.

Have fun, happy Tinder dating, and enjoy the dates!