Weekend Picks: Happy Hour @ Beautique



There’s no better way to reward yourself for a hard day’s work than to indulge in the most posh Happy Hour that NYC has to offer. Break the routine of your dreaded post-work ritual fighting for cabs and waiting on crowded subway platforms, and opt to indulge in Beautique’s chic Happy Hour. Offered Monday through Friday from 5:30pm-7:30pm, this very lavish Happy Hour celebration can take any ordinary weekday and make it extraordinary.

Walk out of work and straight into one of NYC’s most premiere modern American restaurants. Boasting a list of cocktails from James Beard-nominated mixologist Charlotte Voisey, alongside a decedent dinner menu, you'll never forget an evening at Beautique. Indulge in post-work drinks as you take in the Midtown restaurant’s posh design, made to embody the spirit of Coco Chanel’s house in Paris. With its romantic décor, delicious drinks and overall luxurious vibe, Happy Hour @ Beautique is a guaranteed ticket to a taste of the high life.

What: Happy Hour @ Beautique

When: Monday through Friday, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Where: 8 West 58th St, NYC