This Borough Will Get You Boozy: Top Ten Beer Gardens in Brooklyn

#1 Lavender Lake

383 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Right when you walk into this place, you’ll sink right into the atmosphere. With a dimly lit interior and an inviting backyard, this beer garden is a perfect excuse to drink any night of the week. We urge you to grab a bite while you drink as well to take advantage of the great food service. If you have a few drinks and then feel like exploring, Lavender Lake is in an ideal location for bar hopping through the Gowanus, so you really don’t have an excuse for not checking this place out.

#2 Pig Beach

480 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Pig Beach might be famous for its food, but it would be a mistake to overlook its alcoholic brilliance. You can’t go wrong with a grand backyard, string lights, and a hipster atmosphere, and you really can’t go wrong with great beer. This place is great if you’re hanging out around downtown Brooklyn, but it’s also definitely a place to go out of your way for. I mean, who doesn’t like BBQ and draft beer?

#3 Greenwood Park

555 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

This beer garden is perfect if you’re strolling through Park Slope and looking to grab a beer (or five). Greenwood Park is famous for its chill vibe, spacious backyard, and great selection of draft beers. You can lounge with your friends, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can enjoy a game of Bocce while you sip on some local brew. Check this place out and find out why this is the hot spot of Windsor Terrace.

#4 Franklin Park

618 Saint Johns Pl, Brooklyn, NY, 11238

Whether you’re a native to Crown Heights or just passing through, make sure you check out Franklin Park to sip on some cold brew and chill out in its large backyard space. This beer garden is perfect if you’re in the mood for your classic favorites, but this is definitely the ideal spot for those of you with adventurous tastes. You can sample local draughts, or try something fruity, but no matter what you choose you’re guaranteed to stumble upon your go-to summer drink.

#5 Extra Fancy

302 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

If you’re more of a Williamsburg dweller, Extra Fancy should definitely be on your radar. This restaurant features a backyard area with its own bar so that you don’t have to leave the summer breeze to get a drink. While this beer garden has a great selection of drafts for all you beer lovers out there, it is also a friendly treat for your friends who prefer an adventurous cocktail. If you’re looking for a relaxed night with your friends in the hipster capital of New York City, but you also have a classy palate, head down to Extra Fancy and try out a place that could become your new favorite spot this summer.

#6 Radegast Hall & Biergarten

113 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

When you think “beer,” you automatically think of Germany, right? Well this Germany-themed beer garden is perfect for all of you who dream of going to Octoberfest but haven’t had the chance to go yet.You may not be able to pronounce all of the beers on the menu, but that’s just all part of the experience. Head down to Radegast Hall & Biergarten to try out some authentic German brew and hang out in the backyard area for the perfect summer night activity.

#7 Berg’n

899 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

This Crown Heights beer garden is crucial for anyone who desires a wide range of options. From local to international, Berg’n offers a variety of different brews that will keep you coming back. Berg’n also does brunch, so this place is a must for anyone looking to drink all day (and night) without the guilt. The beer is great, and the prices are even better, so make sure to check this place out while you can still enjoy the summer weather!

#8 The Diamond

43 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

If you want a beer that has a kick like tequila, head over to the Diamond in Greenpoint for some great draft beers that will definitely keep you buzzed all night long. Don’t worry, The Diamond offers lighter beers for all of you that have to get to work the next morning, but if you’re feeling edgy this place offers draft beers that reach an alcohol content of nearly 8 percent! Ideal for both lightweight and heavyweight drinkers, this beer garden will keep you occupied all summer.

#9 The Gate

321 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Park Slope has a lot to offer, and this bar definitely makes the list. This casual bar provides the two necessities for any summer evening: good beer and good vibes. The Gate offers a generous selection of beer, such as an array of IPAs and Victory Summer Love, perfect for any hot night in Brooklyn. The Gate is guaranteed to become a regular spot for Park Slope locals.

#10 Hot Bird

546 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY

This beer garden is perfect if you like two things: draft beer and food trucks. Once an auto-repair garage, this bar is now a popular hangout for Prospect Heights hipsters. With twelve tap beers and a large patio, this place is ideal for any summer night. Plus, if you get hungry while you drink, Hot Bird includes a food truck that serves burgers, tacos, and other foods that pair perfectly with any beer.

Check out these spots to find the perfect hangout this summer and get drunk while you do it! All these spots are perfect for after work drinks or a night out on the weekends. We promise that these beer gardens will make even those most stubborn Manhattanite cross the bridge.