Calling all intellectuals: there’s a spot on W. 26th bound with books and booze. Classy isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Happy Hour, but at Crompton Ale House you can defy the odds and feel both fun and sophisticated. The decor of the bar includes dim lighting, high ceilings, and walls of bookshelves lined with novels of all genres. Drinking beside Shakespeare and F. Scott Fitzgerald? Awesome, let me pretend I’ve successfully managed adulting and drink in style for a change! Come to this chic spot and you’re likely to meet someone capable of having an educated conversation with (which can be refreshing after spending all weekend funneling and stumbling). Happy Hour is between Monday to Friday from 4-7pm. The bar also includes multiple flat screens and since football season is approaching, come by to watch the game Though it has a classy touch, the bar does get packed and loud come evening time. The food here also happens to be drool-worthy, so don’t resist ordering appetizers or coming for brunch the morning after. Order the Hangover Burger, you won’t regret it. Think and drink together at Crompton Ale House, and act as a classy drinker for the night!