Retox While You Detox: Keeping Your New Year's Health Kick Without Kicking Alcohol

Between forced family time and blowout celebrations, it can be hard to put down your favorite cocktail, especially around the compelling holiday season. Forget trying to even imagine dieting around the same time too!

Just because you are one of the 72% of Americans who have resolved a healthier lifestyle for 2016, shouldn't mean compromising your favorite cocktails to keep the New Year's resolution. Over the years, you may have tried all the famous fad diets but for some reason, even the most enticing juice clenses seem to exempt your favorite cocktail for some cruel, unknown reason. So in contempt of calorie-dense alcohol, in the age of modern mixology and "skinny" libations, you no longer have to kick booze in pursuit of the perfect bod. Without further ado, some of our best kept secrets on how to retox while you detox.

1. First and foremost, vodka. Parks & Recreation's Ron Swanson, the partiarch of contemporary sitcoms, once expressed in a tongue-in-cheek critique that "clear alcohols are for rich women on diets". Despite this character's old-school predisposition, he was on to something--sort of. Not exclusive to affluent female dieters alone, clear liquors are indeed a great alternative to dark liquors containing "congeners" which include higher chemical concentration and calories. That said, vodka is a carbohydrate and sugar-free option that is sure to get the job done.

2.. Minimize your caloric intake while maximizing your mixed drinks, substituting sugary mixers for healthier alternatives. For instance, instead of blending your booze of choice with flavored sodas like Red Bull or Coca-Cola, opt into more hygenic selections like tonic water or natural teas. Likewise, trade in artifically flavored cocktail juices for organic, fresh alternatives like citrus juice or even ice alone. Not only are these choices more cathartic, they also provide a more robust drinking experience.

3. The simpler the drink, the better. If you want to enjoy a health-conscious cocktail, make sure that you know what's going into it. The sweet and fruity drinks tend to have a higher amount of sugar which provoke a rise in appetite, hangovers and unsightly weight gain. Besides, umbrellas, maraschino cherries and other garndiose garnishes only occupy space that could be much better filled by intoxicating elixers. 

4. Drink in Moderation. Look, we love pushing the limits of partying just as much as the next person but blackout is never the new black. That said, stay in shape and stay chic by staying coherent and cognizant of your alcohol intake in the new year. Because some days, we just need a fishbowl margarita or that pina colada garnished with two pineapple wedges, three light-up ice cubes and four mini-umbrellas, served exorbiantly in a coconut, possibly ablaze-- 2016 (and moreover, life) is too short to not treat yourself but do so with temperance.