Love, Loss & Where We Drank: A ReCap of How Joonbug Spent This Weekend

Call us crazy but we love Mondays. While you’re waiting for that second cup of coffee to kick in, allow us to explain…Yes, the beginning of yet another work week can seem early, harsh and like a necessary evil but Monday also means a fresh start, a chance to implement those ideas that felt inspired on Sunday and the return of Happy Hour weekdays but at the Joonbug headquarters, the best part about Monday morning is happening at the water cooler.

It’s the unofficial kick-off to the week, a ritual of sipping coffee and spilling tea on weekend exploits. More than a source of H2O and morning laughs, it’s a congregation of in-the-know friends, swapping stories and recommendations on the city’s most noteworthy nightclubs, cocktail lounges and restaurants—and if you were on a fly on wall, you’d probably rethink your Monday blues.

That being said, because we have not yet started selling tickets to this vent session or been picked up for an E! reality show for whatever reason, these field notes from this week’s episode with the party professionals should give you a pretty good idea of what you might’ve missed this weekend and where you’ll want to be next.

"Last Friday, a lot of us from the office finally had the chance to walk over to the Renaissance Midtown to check out the new Rock & Reilly’s. Clearly we had the right idea because the massive rooftop lounge/restaurant was packed by 9PM. The space was impressive yet casual. The retractable rooftop views, food and cocktails were incredible. Not to mention, with it being only a couple of blocks away from the office, I think we can all agree that Rock & Reilly’s is definitely a new go-to for business luncheons and after-work cocktails. I'm really looking forward ." -Brittany, Director of Promotions

"My weekend was actually pretty tame. I was celebrating a special birthday on Sunday night so Brittany recommended reservations at Buddakan. Obviously I heard of the restaurant before and passed by on my way to the Chelsea Market from time to time but my knowledge on the place didn’t really surpass that rehearsal dinner scene from the Sex & the City movie but I figured that if Buddakan was good enough for Brittany and Carrie B, it’d probably be good enough for me. Sure enough, don’t be fooled by the nondescript exterior because the drinks, ambiance and modern Asian cuisine all proved incredible. Not sure if it was just the strong cocktails talking but the Sweet & Crispy Jumbo Shrimp was literally one of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten." -Daniel, Editor-in-Chief


"Out of all the places I visited this weekend, Tavern29 stood out as the unsung hero. Not my usual type of place, some friends and I decided to stop by this rooftop bar before crossing over to Gansevoort Park for a little late night debauchery. Once everyone was assembled and the drinks started flowing, we really were in no rush to leave but eventually made it to Red Room at Gans. Nonetheless, Tavern29 offered a surprisingly cool, pre-game vibe. We’ll definitely be back." -Edwardo, Events & Operations Manager

"You know you're in the right place when your coaster reads, 'Bad decisions make the best stories.' Rock & Reilly's truly was a great place to wind down after work. I can't wait for those summer nights when all you need are good rooftop views and a great margarita." -Zahra, Event Manager