Land of the Free and Home of the Booze

July 4th is the best excuse to get “star, spangled, hammered” for your country. Our founding fathers fought for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… who’s to say that doesn’t include throwing a few back while watching the annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular? Here’s what to expect in New York City this 4th of July weekend:

There is something for everyone, whether your friend is a lightweight or drinks like a sailor. Your group may not agree on what bars to go to this weekend, but one thing is for certain -- you’ll be able to find these 4th of July themed drinks in bars throughout the five boroughs.

Your friends will go out for the party, but they’ll stay out for the booze. Here’s our top five festive July 4th drinks:


1. Don’t Tread on Me Daiquiri: The creamy strawberry flavor and sweet taste of Curacao will keep you cool and refreshed all day.


2. Uncle Sam’s Sangria: White wine and champagne infused with the light and refreshing tastes of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and apples is a delicious drink that you’ll enjoy all night. This drink will have even your most mild mannered friends thirsty.


3. Freedom Fighter Jello Shot:  Let’s face it, who actually likes taking shots? Regardless, it’s a necessary part of any drinking experience. This shot mimics a classic summertime treat --a Firecracker Popsicle. Grenadine, Peach Schnapps, and Blue Curacao are carefully layered on top of one another to make perfect patriotic stripes.

rwb shot.PNG

4. Star Spangled Strawberries and Blueberries:  Ripe strawberries and freshly picked blueberries mixed with vodka makes the perfect alternative to a drink. Equal parts fresh fruit and liquor-- whoever said that drinking is bad for your health definitely never tried this.


Medal of Honor Mojito:  Drinking a minty fresh mojito is basically the same thing as brushing your teeth, right? This drink puts a twist on the classic mojito: blueberries  and sliced strawberries are added to imitate our country’s colors.


Whether you’re at a rooftop bar in Manhattan or a lounge in Brooklyn, these drinks are sure the be a historic part of your July 4th experience.