Bar, party, or club? Sometimes, we just can’t make up our minds about what type of night we’re looking for! This location on 240 W. 52nd st is the perfect combination of bar scene of all nightlife options that will cease your evening contemplations. There are regularly sensational live cover bands that KILL IT on stage with throwback jams, modern day playlists, and a variety of requests from the energetic crowd. The scene here is generally a lively group of early twenties millennials who stay far longer than the offered Happy Hour (because it is just too good of a time to leave). The stage is the focal point of the bar scene here as the crowd stands up close cheering them on, singing along loudly off key in imperfect harmony, jumps on stage to cause a playful scene, and loses themselves in hours of fun and freedom. The bartenders are very kind and provide service quickly; there is good favor all around here, as the bouncers are also friendly and greet you humorously upon entry. Howl at the Moon also has an upstairs balcony where visitors can hover above the crowd and the stage from an aerial perspective. This will easily become your new after-work spot where you get a little too tipsy and have a night far better than you even prepared for.