Drink with the Freaks at Coney Island’s Freak Bar

For a taste of Coney Island tradition and authentic locally-crafted beer, the Freak Bar can provide a great beginning, midpoint, or ending of your day at the historic Brooklyn landmark.

The Freak Bar is connected to the current installation of the Circus Sideshow, a Coney Island attraction that’s showcased performers with unusual talents for decades, like lifting heavy weights or swallowing swords. The performers of these stunts don’t just hide behind the closed doors of the theatre, though — they’ll often be the ones serving drinks at the bar or conversing with patrons.

Although, the Freak Bar opened in 2008, it bleeds tradition, with the kind of animated vaudeville-style decor that characterized Coney Island’s glory days. The interior has the kind of nautical, quirky decorations you only really see in historical photos — but the Freak Bar brings that era back to life.

Drinks at the bar include local favorite Coney Island Lager, along with locally-brewed beers from around New York and the United States. Enjoy drinks with Coney Island locals and visitors alike, in one of the busiest areas in Brooklyn.

The Freak Bar is open seven days a week, from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m. Beers average around $7 per bottle, making it one of the cheaper drinks you can get in the area. Whether you’re a Brooklynite for life or a curious traveler, the Freak Bar is a guaranteed authentic Coney Island experience!