New Year's Eve Style Guide

by Zach Yaffee

Whether you will be celebrating your New Year’s Eve getting down with friends at New York’s swankest clubs, strutting the avenues in search of adventure, or romancing over glasses of champagne with that special someone, the question of what to wear is one you don’t want to leave for the last minute. The charms of Gotham’s most exquisite evening can surprise even the prepared belle and beau. Let’s face it: style MATTERS. Pulling off a unique twist on a storied classic is the first step into your night of perfection. More importantly, however, dressing up on nights like these is something that we do for ourselves, a reprieve from every day restraint. And it matters less what exactly you wear than the confidence with which you wear it. Below we have put together some flexible outfit suggestions for men and women, easy to customize, to help alleviate the stuck-ness we all feel when faced with a blank page…


Men might be intrigued that despite the flagrant textures, patterns, and over-the-top accessories dominating centerfolds these days, the minimalism of the plain white shirt is still king. Tucked or untucked, blazer or no blazer, belt or suspenders, the white shirt will accommodate. Don’t be afraid to keep those top two buttons undone. In a more casual setting, some form-fitting jeans will do in a pinch over conventional trousers. For women, make a statement with your top. Whether reflecting mood lighting or fireworks, nothing draws eyes quite like tasteful sequins. Throw on an elegant matte blazer to compliment the dazzle and keep out the winter chill. Jeans or trousers will project rock-star status, but why not turn it up another notch with those leather pants you usually dress down?


 Of course, the above isn’t much help if your black-tie shindig is ready to excommunicate you for heresy. For ladies looking to emulate our beloved, preeminent Liz Taylor, find yourself a fur to cover up those formalities and insulate you from cross-town blusters. Whether sporting dress, blouse, or miniskirt, fur is on point and comfortable. And for the environmentally conscious, the visual and tactile quality of today’s faux-fur will absolutely shock you. For the boys venturing a more formal attire, don’t be afraid to express some personality beneath that tux jacket. Walk softly with a reserved, textured shirt to intrigue the aesthetically curious, or go boldly with bright patterns and crush every room you enter. There’s a shirt for every entrée; find the one that gives you the most confidence and watch the competition crumble.


Compulsive accessorizers, friends, are you ever in luck: most of what you own is already in harmony with the celebratory white and metallic tones on display this New Year’s Eve. Don’t diminish yourself with street-vendor glitterbombs and plastic beads when the real thing is within your grasp. For women, pearls are a festive accompaniment that can create brilliant color harmonies with lighter styles, or contrast starkly with dark ones, drawing the eye ever upward. Men, don’t forget to shine up that timepiece and set it to midnight. Silver and gold classics are welcome, but copper and synthetic colors are in and just the thing to set you apart from the other suits.


Still not feeling any better? Okay, here are your safe plays. (1) Don’t hesitate to go with your tried and true dress outfit. I stand by my statement that confidence is the real key. (2) Go all-black. Even when flash isn’t your thing, this classic can still slay. (3) White shirt and jeans. Because when going for the effortless look, why try too hard?