How to Fix Your Face: Halloween Edition

It’s been a tough year. But that doesn’t mean you need to settle with your Halloween costume. In fact, make 2017 the year you shed the tired old sexy nurse/sexy construction worker ways and do something a little more challenging. Step it up this Halloween with some creative face make-uping – it’s fun, it’s cool, and it’ll add just that much more arty cred to your killer Halloween game. Check out some ideas below to get you started.

The Cartoon Character

You don’t need to go full zombie to have awesome Halloween makeup. Comic book-style makeup has been popping up in recent years and is an excellent way to look both interesting and not totally gruesome.

Colored Contacts

Arguably one of modernity’s greatest inventions – next only to electricity and maybe the internet - the colored contacts is a god-send when it comes to lazy but oh-so-effective Halloween makeup. Choose red for an easy vampire thing or patterned ones for an even creepier effect.

Go Classic

It’s times like these that you can be thankful for America’s fascination with the macabre: there’s just such a huge wellspring of scary characters and horrific icons to model yourself after. The Joker, clowns, zombies, take your pick.

Focus on an Area

Let’s face it, not many of us are professional makeup artists. Limit the damage to one area of your face and you might actually be able to pull this off. Some well placed black ink might be the only thing needed to elevate your Halloween costume to awesome.

You Just Cannot Give up on Your Sexy Kitten Thing

Listen, we get: we’ve all been a sexy cat at least once. It’s cute, it’s sexy, it’s super easy. Go ahead and do your sexy kitten this year, but go just a little harder with some creative make-up/contacts and you’ll be reaping both stares and appreciation. (Same goes for all you sexy pirates out there too.)