Crazy, Cute, and Creepy Halloween Costumes: Pet Edition


You may not have decided on a Halloween look for yourself, but it’s always the perfect time to browse costumes for your furry friend. For all the pet parents out there who regularly post to their dog/cat’s Instagram account, this one’s for you. We’ve gathered the best Halloween pet costumes to turn your pup or kitten into the cutest trick-or-treater with a tail (and rack up those Instagram likes).
1. This peppy pupper looks more O-line than line kick, but that’s what makes it so darn cute.
2. This little samurai may look fierce, but he’s all warm and fuzzy inside. 
3. Convinced that your pet may actually be the devil incarnate? Get them a costume to match! If your pet is actually an angel, well, the horns are still adorable.
4. Dressing your pet as a different animal is always an option, like this busy little bee—extra points for color coordination.
5. Maybe you’ve taken a claw to the eye once or twice. If so, this pirate patch is a great way to show your furry friend what you’ve had to deal with.
6. You’ve always known your cat was a lion at heart, and Halloween is the perfect occasion to boost their ego.
7. This ladybug ensemble is perfect for the pet who prefers to be stylish. If your pet is habituated to seasonal outerwear, they’ll love this number.
8. A must for every wiener, this ketchup and bun duo is punny and practical—the bun acts as a buffer against the chilly autumn air.  

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