Which Type of NYE Partier Are You?
Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 12:00 AM | Alexandra Appino-Tabone
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Ladies leave your men at home. It’s 11:30 on NYE and the club is jumpin’! Tonight you only answer to "Sasha Fierce." New Year's Eve is a time to put last year behind you and start with a clean slate. That's why New Year's parties are the perfect occasion to reinvent yourself, make a move, and maybe give a drunken monologue to a room full of pitying onlookers. But never mind that. No matter which type of NYE partier you are, you're going to be awesome this New Year's. Here's to a spectacular NYE, and to all your dreams coming true before midnight.

1. Unapologetically Single


Ladies leave your men at home. It’s 11:30 on NYE and the club is jumpin’! Tonight you only answer to "Sasha Fierce." 

2. Blissfully Coupled


You’ll come up for air at some point. Wait, did the countdown already happen? The two of you were too busy reenacting Titanic.

3. Snooki and Jwoww


She’s all the romance you need, and you’ll hold her hair back when the Jell-O shots threaten to compromise her dignity. You couldn't ask for a better New Year's date.

4. The Person Who Gets Turnt After One Drink

You've had one vodka cran and already lost a shoe/your wallet. Don't take any more shots?

5. Single and Hopeful

Tonight you are Meg Ryan/Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, and no one can tell you otherwise. (Literally anyone will do.)

6. The Rager

You have a bachelor pad that you’ve been waiting to douse in Bud Light since you traded in your Beta gear for dry clean only. Your neighbors are going to love you TONIGHT.

7. The Videographer

You have a knack for capturing people at their "best", and they usually hate you the next day. 

8. The Pick-Up Artist


It's 11:59. Can I be your New Year’s wrecking ball? No? Can I be your first mistake of the year? Wait, I have twelve more...

9. No FOMO


You have 12 parties, 3 bars, and 4 clubs to hit before sunrise and your goal is to remember 2 of them tomorrow. Consider a party pass or block party to make this worthy goal come true.

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