Top 5 Pre-Game Songs for this New Year's Eve

You work work work work work'd so hard in 2016, now it's time to reward yourself with an amazing New Year's Eve party. But before you get into your shiny new outfit, get into the "holiday" spirit with this year's best party anthems. Prepare your pre-party champagne: we've compiled the 5 hottest tracks of 2016 to get you buzzing and ready to turn up for 2017. 


1. Rihanna ft. Drake - Work

Oh, RiRi, you're the gift that keeps on awesome tracks to pump up to. This particular one took over the world in 2016 and is guaranteed to make everyone dance dance dance dance dance.


2. Flume ft. Kai - Never Be Like You (Disclosure Remix)

Flume and Disclosure kill it again this year with 'Never Be Like You'. Like its huge predecessor, 'You & I,' this track is full of sultry beats, awesome drops, and a great melody to boot.


3. Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles

Welp, the #mannequinchallenge existed. But at least something good came out of that: Rae Sremmurd, the talented duo that was virtually unknown before exploding onto the scene with 'Black Beatles'. We definitely suggest not standing still when it comes on this time.


4. Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna - This Is What You Came For

RiRi strikes again, this time with one-man-hits-factory, Calvin Harris, at the helm. This huge track is so full of catchy hooks and bright drops, and is definitely what you came (to the dance floor) for.


5. Beyonce - Formation

Last but so not least, the Queen Bey herself. She's had lots of chart-toppers this year (see: all of Lemonade) but the crown definitely goes to the blackness-celebrating, bass line-popping, empowering manifesto that is 'Formation'. Besides its strong political lean, 'Formation' is just a very very good track. You might say that it slays.


After you power up with these 2016 anthems, head to one of Joonbug's New Year's Eve events to give 2017 the welcome party it so deserves.