Just moments from Times Square’s iconic Ball Drop is an equally dazzling yet exceedingly interactive New Year’s Eve party at the incomparable Bowlmor. A far cry from any bowling alley you have ever encountered and fun for the whole family, Bowlmor’s state-of-the-art NYE celebration invites children from 9 to 99 to enjoy this enourmos, fun and exciting venue in exquisite style. Step through the red velvet curtains into the elevator transporting you to an elevated New Year’s Eve experience. As the doors open before you on the main floor where you are greeted by bright lights of Bowlmor’s shiny and new arcade. Make your way to savory food stations and grab a beverage from a premium open bar catering to the grown-ups, nestled on the outskirts of this new years playground is a cutting-edge cocktail bar boasting nearly one dozen HD screens ruled over by the evening’s video DJ, who will be remixing fan-favorite tracks and music videos. That is, of

Music & Crowd

Live DJ Performances by Locke and DJ DC  (Top 40 | Hip Hop | Dance | House| Mash Ups

Locke is a DJ and producer living in Brooklyn NY. He's killed a couple sweet 16 parties and also shared a stage with Jay Z in Nigeria. He produces house music and weird R&B and sometimes puts stuff out on T&A records and Sol Selectas. Catch him on any given day holding down your favorite NYC hotel lounge or elementary school fundraiser.

Dave Clapp, DJ DC, is a high energy, open format DJ known for his ability to play to a crowd. Jersey Shore born, DJ DC has been rocking the hottest club venues for over seven years from his first DJ gig at Joey Harrison’s Surf Club. DJ DC prides himself on his impeccable ability to beat match and coordinate songs, and has developed a distinct open format style of turntablism that appeals to all people. "Today a lot of DJs are using their computers primarily and just stare into the screen. I read the floor and the crowd." DJ DC doesn’t take his position lightly; he isn’t just doing his job; he’s delivering his passion straight into your ears, and it shows from the names he’s worked with including Jason Pierre-Paul, Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey, Wyclef Jean, Sammy Adams, and countless others. Check his Soundcloud down under for more.

Dress Code

New Year's Eve Festive


All Ages