Get Gorgeous Guide: Extreme Eyelash Lengthening Minus the Extreme Costs
Monday, December 17, 2012 at 10:47 AM | Christina Nicole
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Eyelash extensions are undeniably one of the hottest beauty trends in 2012. As the demand for eyelash extension has increased over the past year, many hair and nail salons are now offering this highly sought after service. However, the cost of faux lashes (including maintenance) comes at a high price.

I decided to test the trend about a year ago when my local nail salon started offering the service. A full set of faux lashes costs $100 and would last about 3-4 weeks. I opted to give eyelash extensions a try and the service took roughly an hour. While the results of the first service were quite remarkable and I received several compliments on my newly enhanced eyes, the price tag to maintain them was not.

Every three weeks, I found myself paying roughly $65 to have new lashes glued on, while the old lashes (as well as my natural lashes) would be cut down. If I had known my actual lashes would have to be cut each time a new set was glued on, I doubt I would have opted for the service in the first place. The service took about an hour for each maintenance session. Another downside ―don ‘t count on the lashes staying on in hot temperatures ― which causes the glue to melt.

When I finally decided that eyelash extensions were hurting my wallet and causing more harm than good, it was time to initiate damage control. I started researching eyelash serums that would help my damaged lashes grow and initiate growth in the areas where lashes had been lost. Here are some of the best eyelash enhancers (based on customer testimonials) that I found during my quest to salvage my own damaged lashes.

  1. Latisse: Requires a prescription (costs around $120)

  2. RapidLash: Can be purchased at most drugstores (costs around $50)

  3. ActivLash: Can be purchased online (costs around $130)

  4. Fysiko  Eyelash Growth Serum: Can be purchased online (also costs around $130)

  5. Dermalash: Can be purchased online (costs around $45)

After reviewing online customer feedback and weighing out the costs, I decided to try RapidLash, which I was able to purchase at my local CVS. I used the product for about two weeks and noticed not only did my sparse lashes fill-in, they actually grew to about the same length as when I had the extensions!

So, before you rush to the salon to request this highly sought after service, think twice about the damage it can do to you and your wallet. Opt for an eyelash growing serum and I can guarantee you will receive the results you’re looking for without the risk of ruining your own natural beauty. 


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