We Heart Francois Payard
Friday, February 8, 2013 at 11:16 AM | Amanda Mactas
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We've always been a fan of chocolatier and pastry chef, Francois Payard, and let's face it--it's hard not to be. But when the chocolatiest holiday of the year comes around, you know you are in for something special. Francois Payard shops are stocking up on delicious goodies for this decadent holiday and we couldn't be more thrilled. Francois has created great new desserts and flavors just for the occassion, so if you still need to pick up something sweet for your sweetie, now you know where to go. 


Well known for his famous macarons, Payard is not just letting you purchase all his usual and seasonal flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and chestnut, but he has added four new flavors to the menu, which you can present to your beau in a heart-shaped box. Indulge in caramel coriander, strawberry basil, lemon thyme and mint chocolate in addition to all the classics ($48 for 17, $35 for 12). Looking for something super traditional? Scoop up a box of V-Day chocolates ($28 for 12, $55 for 30), comprised of specially made flavors such as mint chocolate, mango passion fruit & citrus zest, lemon thyme, and caramel coriander. Presented in a beautiful box, this will have anybody swooning. 

Looking to spice up your night? Try their unique and insanely good Hot and Spicy Truffles ($58 box, $32 for 15) which are made with red cherry and chili filling surrounded by white chocolate. It might sound a little out of the box, but it''s definitely worth a try! FP Love Bite Cookies ($28 box) are also a tasty treat and come in a cute red cookie tin. They have chocolate hazelnut spread sandwiched between cigarette cookies and covered in 70% Guanaja Valrhona chocolate. 



But enough about that. Let's move onto the pastries. If you're really looking for a wow dessert, you must try the Sinfully Decadent or Sweetly Divine cakes. The former is made with coffee pain de genes, mascarpone espresso cream, guanaja chocolate mousse, coffee and hazelnut wafer, topped with chocolate glacage. Basically, it is a heavenly chocolate cake that is surprisingly light. The Sweetly Divine cake is made with fresh vanilla bean mascarpone layered over vanilla poundcake, vanilla bavarois and raspberry roe petal jam. It is equally light and a perfect gift for a vanilla fiend. 

Yes, that's a whole lot of special additions to the Francois Payard menu of goodies, which means there's something for everyone. Whether you like dark chocolate, white chocolate, something sweet, tart, spicy, or anything in between, he's got you covered. Additionally, if you haven't made any dinner plans yet, FP Patisserie will be serving a four course prix fixe menu for $65. Enjoy dishes such as braised short ribs, tuna crudo, foie gras, and of course, those sinful cakes. 

So, for all you last minute folks, head to a Francois Payard location near you and pick up something sweet (you can get yourself chocolate, you know) or make a reservation for a romantic evening surrounding by one of the best aphrodisiacs around. 

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