Thai Me Up: Top 5 Thai Restaurants in NYC
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 10:43 AM | Christina Nicole
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Whether it’s delectable spicy, sweet, or sour plates you’re craving, New York City serves up some of the best Thai food you’ll find – anywhere. There are hundreds of Thai eateries tucked in every corner of Manhattan and we’ve narrowed it down to the five best Thai restaurants NYC has to offer.

  Thai Market: Step into the extraordinary Thai Market and you’ll easily feel as if you’ve been transported to the streets of Bangkok. Have a seat in the golden “Thai Temple,” where you’ll be surrounded by actual imagery taken on the streets of Thailand and upside-down umbrellas that adorn the tin ceiling. The market serves up an eclectic mix of foods, but one of the best is the Tom Yum Goong soup (a mix of lemongrass, tamarind tendril, shrimp, and mushroom).




Thai Market is located at 960 Amsterdam Avenue, New York

Kuma Inn

Tucked away in the Lower East Side, you’ll find that this unique Thai bistro serves up large portions, vivid flavors, and unmatched prices. The Thai/Filipino food is served tapas style. You’ll want to dive-in head first with all the unique finds you’ll discover on this menu. For starters, try the steamed shumai filled with wasabi spiked pork followed by the sautéed Chinese sausage and Thai chili-lime sauce.


Kuma Inn is located at 113 Ludlow Street, 2nd floor, New York

Pam Real Tha
i Food

This no-frills Thai eatery has been satisfying customers for more than a decade. Over the years, this Thai gem has grown in popularity and spawned a second location situated just two blocks away. The authentic, fiery foods are mostly infused with curry. When dining at Pam, try the fried curry puffs dipped in cucumber sauce. For a main dish, opt for the Pad Key Mao (stir fried meat over flat rice noodle).




Pam Real Thai Food is located at 404 W 49th Street, New York

Pad Thai No
odle Lounge

Tropical herbs provide an array of exotic flavors at this noodle lounge, one of the best downtown Chelsea has to offer. When visiting Pad Thai, you’ll dine in a contemporary, yet cozy setting. For a main dish give this a whirl:  Coconut Green Curry with Chicken and Prawn or the Star Chicken (crispy chicken breast topped with house chili sauce served with cucumber salad).



Pad Thai Noodle Lounge is located at 114 8th Avenue and 16th Street, New York

Rain Thai

Modern simplicity meets Midtown East in this no-frills eatery, which is best known for serving up some of the best traditional Thai dishes in the city.  Quality and taste makes Rain Thai a standout. Stick with traditional dishes when dining here and you won’t be disappointed. The Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles (noodle stir fried with fresh basil, chili, onion, tomatoes and eggs) are some of the best plates this resto has to offer.


Rain Thai is located at 220 East 53rd Street, New York www.rainthainyc.comt

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