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Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 02:47 PM | Blaine Ashley
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After many of us here in New York spent a large chunk of time away from our powerless apartments last week due to Hurricane Sandy, otherwise, in the dark (literally), it’s been welcoming and refreshing to get back to our at-home routines. Many of us are undoubtedly appreciating our cozy, full-powered abodes perhaps breeding motivation to spruce them up. Taking a vintage nod, here are our favorite at-home accessories and décor found this week: 


One word, Eames! This Missouri-based design studio restores beloved vintage Eames rockers, metal lamps, schoolhouse chairs, vintage maps and more. The CoMod selection will most certainly add some style cred to your digs and you’ll become an all-things modern aficionado in no time.

For more information visit:

Lot 49

This urban home goods store combines both vintage accents and modern appeal with items like a Bertoia Diamond Chair to Rondine cameras to woah, an emergency door from a prop plane. This eclectic mix is consta-changing and always undeniably cool.

For more information visit:

Three Potato Four  

One potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four…partners, Stu Eli and Janet Morales both love to collect an array of vintage finds from stools to tables salvaged from defunct factories to weathered signs and classic American car parts. This selection is for the ultimate collector.

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