Carnaval Celebração at SUSHISAMBA
Monday, February 11, 2013 at 01:03 PM | Carlos C Olaechea
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There is something else besides Valentine's Day to celebrate this week, and you don't need a significant other to participate. For Catholics, Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a time of year in which it is customary to abstain from pleasurable excesses. For many, that means the time leading up to Lent is the time to get in as much debauchery as possible before the fasting and piety begin, and this time is usually called carnaval. While the parades, drinking, dancing, and street food have been going on for weeks in Brazil, the culmination of the festivities happens tomorrow, February 12th, which is when SUSHISAMBA is hosting its yearly Carnaval Celebração.

Starting at 8:00 PM at multiple locations throughout the country, people can celebrate one of the most well-known of Brazilian traditions with gourmet interpretations of street food favorites, such as a riff on the Bahian acarajé black eyed pea fritters filled with duck confit and topped with a cilantro crema and gremolata. There are also luxurious, truffle-infused cod (bacalhau) fritters with a celeriac purée and chimichurri oil, as well as a king crab and hearts of palm (palmito) salad with candied cashews, papaya, and passion fruit vinaigrette. And lest we forget the “sushi” in SUSHISAMBA, there is also a special Carnaval Roll with shrimp tempura, avocado, quinoa salad, lotus root chip, chimichurri ponzu, and spicy mayo.

Besides the great food, there will also be live batucada drummers, scantily clad samba dancers, and a live feed of the carnaval celebrations in Brazil to get the blood moving. Of course, no celebração is complete without Brazil’s beloved national cocktail, the caipirinha, and tomorrow night SUSHISAMBA features a special interpretation featuring Leblon Cachaça, tangerine juice, honey, and lime.

With so much good food, great cocktails, music and dancing, you just might forget all about V-Day...or maybe meet someone with whom to celebrate it.

Celebrations begin at 8:00 PM tomorrow, February 12th, 2013 at Sushisamba’s various locations:

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