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  • Drink Specials

  • Venue The Whistle Stop Inn

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Priority Entry Admission for 1 at  The Whistle Stop InnTBD
No Additional Cover Charge
Drink Specials

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  • Drink Specials

Kickoff Party - 3/15 St. Patrick's Day Event Description

Launch St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Indianapolis with the Friday’s St. Patrick’s Kickoff party. If you thought you had to wait until the official holiday to celebrate, you’re in for a surprise, because we’ve packed St. Patrick’s Day weekend with parties and bar crawls. Fill up on cold pints and jolly company in green at this high-octane bash before you head out on the first bar crawl on Saturday. This is as lucky as it gets on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Irish pride will come in full swing at St. Patrick’s Kickoff party on March 15th!

Music & Entertainment

  • Age Limit


Location and Hours

Kickoff Party - 3/15


375 Illinois St Indianapolis IN US 46225


  • Doors Open 5:00pm-10:00pm
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