• Tax and tip NOT INCLUDED
  • Includes the private section, personal bartender, mixers, express entry for up to 10 guests.
  • 3 free entry passes & 7 discounted entry passes- cost of discounted entry passes vary depending on the night/ event. 
** All pricing is subject to change due to special events, special guests, holidays, themed parties, etc. 

For additional information call: 215-922-3839

Venu Nightclub Fridays Party Event Description

Happy weekend, Boston, Venu nightclub is giving you the VIP experience in this Joonbug exclusive happening.   If you’ve never been inside the sleek space of this nightlife powerhouse, you’re in for a treat: think submarine-window-shaped mirrors, white leather banquettes, and clean black tables.  Reserve a VIP table experience for you and your friends for just at $700min ($903 AFTER TAX AND TIP)– that means a personal bartender, private section, and mixers to make your own cocktail concoctions.  It doesn’t stop there – this experience includes express entry for up to 10 guests – so you can cut the line and get straight to a good time.  3 free entry passes and 7 discounted entry passes are included  (cost of discounted entry passes vary depending on the night / event)– which means you get a deal not just inside, but at the door – only through Joonbug.

Music & Entertainment

  • Age Limit

Location and Hours

Venu Nightclub Fridays


100 Warrenton St Boston MA US 02116


  • Doors Open 10:30pm-2:00am