Monday, September 12, 2016 at 12:00 AM | Kristen Zacche
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Let’s play a Love Game!  Sometimes we want to play with hearts, other times we want to play video games. If you’re looking for the place where you could have the opportunity to do both, come to GAME located on 1400 Warner St. This is an awesome sports bar full of laid back adults just trying to have a good time. In the first room you can stop at the bar for beer or wine, which can help you let loose and be brave by tackling the Karaoke stage head on. If you’re looking to dance, head over by the D.J and enjoy some good music. Best of all though, head towards the back room to step into rewind-heaven. No, you’re not that drunk, that really is Donkey Kong standing before you, dying to be played. This room is full of throwback video games as well as multiple pool tables, ping pong tables, skee ball, and even a beer pong table for the frat boy at heart. Come by to GAME in Baltimore to have a ball or throw a ball. You may even meet someone who’s your match. After all, every Pac Man needs a Mrs. Pac Man.

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