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Joonbug is About Night Lifestyle

Joonbug is about lifestyle as a social mix of people, places and events happening NOW in New York, South Beach and Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and countless cities around the US. Everyone wants to connect and Joonbug is a hotspot for connecting. Not the ordinary day-to-day connections, but connecting after the sun goes down around cool and sexy happenings. It's called NIGHTLIFE.

Trendy insiders and tastemakers in fashion, music, media, the arts and entertainment gather at hip nightspots … clubs, lounges, restaurants and private events spaces … creating the nightlife scene. Celebs, socialites, fashionistas and local personalities vie to be seen-in-the-scene of DJ and live music special events, weekly parties and holiday galas.

Joonbug brings this enviable lifestyle in nightlife to its members and visitors; sharing with them places to go, things to do, local event listings and its nightlife directory of venues along with extensive online ticketing.

Joonbug is About Trendy Blogs and Newsletters

Six blogs bursting with news. Scenetracker for nightlife, Frequency for music, Glam Damnit for fashion, Almost Famous for celebs and gossip, First Course for restaurant and culinary news and Cool Sh!t for stuff ... keep Joonbug blog readers up to date on everything you always wanted to know about night lifestyle. Add to that Joonbug's Weekend Guide email blasts and daily newsletters and Joonbug's loyal followers don't miss a thing.

Joonbug is About Event Producing and Tickets Selling

Joonbug is more than a source for nightlife, it is the creator and foremost producer of holiday events for New Year's Eve, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, St. Patty's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.

In New York, Miami and trend centers nationwide Joonbug is the largest producer of Halloween events [famous for its NYC Annual Halloween Masquerade Ball going on its 10th year] and is the supreme producer and ticket seller for New Year's Eve events producing 70 + simultaneous New Year's Eve parties and providing online sales for 150 + parties nationwide with 100s of thousands of tickets sold annually.